Buffalo Audubon Society

Centers & Preserves

The Buffalo Audubon Society owns and protects approximately 1,000 acres in seven preserves across Western New York. These preserves are the sites for many of our programs, and they represent natural areas of special significance or beauty that we are privileged to share with the residents of Western New York and visitors from around the world. Use the links below to explore each of these gems.

Beaver Meadow   Ghost Pond North Tonawanda / Klydel Wetlands   Allenberg Bog Rushing Stream   Ayers-Stevenson Rose Acres

Beaver Meadow is the only preserve with facilities on the property. Trail maps are available for the other properties, but care should be taken if you are visiting on your own. Take appropriate clothing and footwear, bring a compass, a cell phone, plenty of water and snacks, and make sure that someone knows about your trip. General recommendations for nature excursions can be found here. As any good scout knows, the most important rule is to be prepared!