Buffalo Audubon Society

Ghost Pond

The Ghost Pond preserve is the newest addition to the holdings of the Buffalo Audubon Society. It was purchased in January of 2009 with the support of numerous generous supporters of the Society and with the subsequent support of the Environmental Protection Fund of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

Ghost pond and the seeps that feed it are the water source for Beaver Meadow's central wetlands and downstream communities. The pond itself seems to stay full regardless of rainfall levels, has very high water clarity, and hosts large numbers of pond weeds, water shield, bladderworts, and other emergent and floating vegetation indicative of excellent water quality. The broad diversity of wetland and forest types that surround it provide habitat for waterfowl, wading birds, reptiles, and amphibians. The very strong, cold, mineralized spring flow at the east end of the pond has created an extensive and unique peat-based wetland community that includes species that are quite unusual in our area, including native balsam fir, dwarf cornel, blue bead lily, sundews, some as yet unidentified orchids, and a number of other plant species that are indicative of high quality peatlands. We believe that additional surveys over the next few years could reveal some real rarities.

A short (.8 mile) trail loops through the property and takes visitors through and near forest, swamp and shrub/scrub habitats. In 2011 a beaver lodge was constructed on the property. Several lodges appeared during the year and they have rebuilt several dams on adjacent properties, raising the water level in our namesake beaver pond.

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